Hey there ,

I am Ashiqa

Jill of all trades

About us

Let me introduce myself

I am currently a 2nd year B.Tech CSE student at NIT, Warangal . I did my schooling from IISJ, Saudi Arabia. Everyday I $commit to productivity & $git my life going . A code-blooded who also enjoys photography ,listening to music , travelling places & tasting bytes of various cuisine .

Area of expertise

Web & App development

Well versed with HTML,CSS , JavaScript and Android app development in Java .

Ethical hacking

Active participation in CTFs and solving of machines on Hack The Box and TryHackMe . #TeamDefence

DS & Algorithms

Progressively learning Data Structure to implement efficient tools for coding and data optimisation .

UI Design & PR

I like designing posters and managing PR in my freetime cause what is creativity , if not intelligence having fun ?

Recent Project & Achievements

NAiV : Indoor Navigation App

NAiV is an ongoing project on indoor navigation app, ideated and being developed by Team Technocrats that I am proud to be part of. NAiV deals with navigation within buildings as GPS reception is non-existent inside closed space. The app scans a QRcode and extracts a digital image of the building from its database. Positioning technologies like trilateration of Wifi signals & RSSI fingerprinting determines the exact position & floor level of the user. A* Algorithms then generates the shortest path from the user's location to the destination. This project was one of the top 7 teams from NITW to qualify for the Smart India Hackathon 2020. Team Hexdev was lauded as we were the only 1st year students to achieve this feat.

Phantom CTF

I am part of the CybSec team of NITW that has organized 3 CTFs intending to teach ethical hacking through Attack&Defense CTF in a safe and rewarding environment. Phantom CTF 3.O was held globally with over 4000+ registrations from all over the world and successfully conducted with our proud sponsors: Google Cloud Platform.

Public Speaking

I am part of TEDxNITW team that supports its mission of "Ideas worth spreading". Back in Saudi Arabia , I was part of the Youth Leadership Program organised by Toastmasters that spanned over three months. This opportunity refined my communication and leadership qualities. At the end of the program, I bagged 2nd runner-up title for "The Best speaker award ".